Anti Aging Rejuvenation Cream Revealed On Shark Tank

Shark tank is a very famous TV show that comprises of successful investors and entrepreneurs which are offered an attracting offer from those groups or individual who just have started their own business or company. In the past seasons, these businessmen have spent millions of dollars in order to find a hopeful investor. Many of the investors have got the deal of their lifetime where as some of them left the show with nothing in their hands and tears in their eyes. But in the most recent season, two sisters Angela and Yoojin Kim have topped the show for their products which made the investors to make a run of their life. Both the sisters have revealed miracle cream on Shark Tank which was highly considered by the investors and everyone was trying his best to grab the best deal on their product.

How did the magic happen?

Angela and Yoojin Kim have started an epidermal care company that manufactures and develops beauty care products which is a cream that is applied on the side region of the head. The sisters claim that the cream works on your blood vessels which go towards your brain. Applying the cream relaxes your brain and many times, you may fell asleep. When they entered the show and described their product, each and every investor on the show was ready to invest in their business. Both the sisters instantly got a feeling that they have the upper hand in this deal, so they made their mind to get the best deal out of their cream. After a long conversation and negotiation, the sisters agreed on the deal of $2.5 million investment for their company which is only 10 % of their company. The Korean sisters have also made the history by grabbing the best deal of the entire shark tank history. No one was offered with such a huge amount in the last few seasons. This deal made the episode one of the most watched TV show in the television history.

About the product

Both the sisters are finally launching their cream under the name of Amore skin. The cream is very effective when it comes to reducing the fine lines, eye bags, dark circles from your face and from your under eye region. The cream restores your skin condition, makes your skin look smooth and even, reduces the signs of aging as well as wrinkles from your face. The cream is also very effective when it comes to treating skin dryness, redness and many other types of skin conditions. The cream provides much needed moisture to your skin cells which makes the skin look new and young. Those women who are suffering from skin aging, winkles and fine lines on their face can prefer to choose this product. The formula of the cream is rich of collagen and peptides which provides nourishment to your skin cells and makes them healthy. The cream gets instantly absorbed in your skin and starts to repair the face skin cells.